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Neon Dreams is the leading neon sign shop in Australia. The neon light signs you see in small stores and businesses are bought online (many from us!). 

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At Neon Dreams, you can find a wide variety of light-up signs. We have our best-selling products but you can always ask us to make custom signs, after all, cool neon signs are usually the ones personalised.

Extravagant bedroom luxury interior with love glamur decoration at Valentines day in studio. Balloons by heart shaped and at illuminated mirror romantic cozy atmosphere at vivid red background. Beautiful place for st Valentine's holiday with neons letters for playboy amore party. Glossy apartment with retro pink signage 80s text lamp shine sign neon style on wall for the sensual nigh. Rich hotel room glamorous elegant modern dream design inside

Most people mistake LED signs for neon signs. Although they have the same effect, neon signs are made with real glass tubing while LED signs are made from strips of light that emit diodes, creating an illusion similar to neon lights.

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There are various neon lights for sale available at Neon Dreams, including shop signs. Whether you are just opening or store or thinking of a way to upgrade it, our neon signs for sale will be a good addition to your overall design.

High-quality neon signs

What makes us the recommended neon sign shop is that we offer cheap neon signs made of excellent materials. We don’t settle for low-quality products just to keep our light-up signs affordable. Whether it is a customised sign or a pre-made light, we make sure that each product is checked thoroughly by our staff before sending it to you.

Even better, we have a specialised team of designers with years of creating unique and attractive neon signs. Our in-house design team maintains high-quality finishes and out-of-the-box designs, ensuring you that your chosen neon light can leave a lasting impression on your customers or even home visitors.

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Neon inscription Save water drink champagne. Tropical jungle leaves with neon light lettering.

Excellent neon light advice and support

The moment you contact us, a professional support team will assist you. Our team of professionals will guide you from choosing the right neon light signs to delivering the neon lights to your location.

If this is your first time purchasing neon lights for sale, our support team can provide you with recommendations based on your needs. You can also contact us if you have other inquiries the moment you receive the item. We prioritise every client that we have, so expect only world-class services from us.

Australia wide neon sign shipping

We are based in Australia, making it easy for us to deliver the item to you. No need to wait for weeks as our shipping time is fast and reliable. Depending on the availability of the item, we will try our best to send the chosen neon lights the moment you made the order.

However, for personalised neon light signs, it might take a couple of days to complete since we will have to make a unique design first before the production process. Rest assured that it will not take too long before your sign reaches you.

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Feel free to check our pre-made items or request personalised neon lights from us!

Frequently asked questions

Our FAQ section will answer some of your questions regarding neon signs, LED lights, and the like. If you have other inquiries, don’t hesitate to message us. We’d be more than happy to assist you!

Neon light is a kind of cold cathode gas-discharge light. To create one, a neon tube is placed in a sealed glass tube that contains a metal electrode towards each end. This will be filled with gases at low pressure. A high potential volt will be applied to the electrodes to create colored light.

Neon lights attract people with their attractive colour and appearance. They are known to be reliable, bright, and colourful, which makes them perfect to use as landing strips, displays, and signs. Nowadays, people are adding neon lights to their rooms, creating an aesthetic look in their space. There are actually no fixed rules on how to use neon lights. Feel free to experiment with it for other purposes that fit your needs.

Yes! In fact, it would be better to leave it on as the sign’s transformer can get worn out every time you turn it on and off. The only time you should plug it out is when you are cleaning it or having it repaired. If you’re worried about overheating, take note that neon lights are not halogen bulbs that release excess energy. The most that you can feel from your neon light is just warmth.

We also make sure that the materials used in every neon light are the top rate so you shouldn’t worry about overheating or exploding. All of our neon signs and lights are safe.

While the answer is rather subjective, LED use less power than neon light. It is also cheaper if you are worried about the budget. However, in terms of life span, neon signs last longer than LED lights, including repair and replacements. Most businesses around the world are using neon lights too as these are more appealing as compared with LED lights.

By the end of the day, the choice is still yours. Just take these factors into consideration when choosing which type of sign to purchase.

Earlier we mentioned that a lot of businesses are using neon signs. But why? Neon signs are ideal because they are energy-efficient, durable, and eco-friendly. You won’t spend a lot on these as they don’t cost too much energy bill and can last for years without repairs.

Neon signs are also versatile as a wide range of colours and designs are available. Neon Dreams’ in-house design team has years of experience in making neon signs so you are sure that each design that we release is distinct.

Neon signs are the new black! You can find different neon light signs in small stores and businesses. A friend of yours might even have one at home! What’s stopping you from getting one?

Yes, they most definitely are! Some people might think that neon signs are outdated but if you consider the huge number of stores that use them or Instagram photos that use neon signs as the décor, it might be too early to say that the era of neon signs is over. In fact, there are neon sign shops like Neon Dreams that use a modern approach to neon signs, making it part of the trend. Neon signs are still as demanding as before so it will take some time before people get over it.

Neon signs are the new black! You can find different neon light signs in small stores and businesses. A friend of yours might even have one at home! What’s stopping you from getting one?

Most people might be confused as both give off a neon-feel effect. But the most obvious difference is that neon signs use glass tubing whereas LED signs are made from strips of light. Another dissimilarity is that neon signs are known to cast a wide source of light while LED focuses on a single direction.

On average, the LED inside the sign can last up to 40,000 hours of use. This can be the same as 4 years of use if you consistently turn on the sign. However, the lifespan of the LED signs will depend on the materials used. Some LED signs can last up to 10 years if the materials used are top of the line. This is why choosing the right neon sign shop that offers LED signs is essential if you want to get the best product in the market.

You can put anything on the LED sign as long as it fits the screen. Just some reminders when deciding on the design of your LED sign:

  • Don’t use capital letters. Just focus on the title case.
  • Use easy-to-read fonts.
  • Keep messages as short as possible.

The price will depend on your chosen neon sign shop. You can find cheap neon signs made of high-quality materials like what Neon Dreams are offering. Since neon signs are eco-friendly and durable, these are a worthy investment if you want your business to attract plenty of customers.

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